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  • King Of Prussia, PA
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CoolSculpting: 3 Reasons to Consider It

sexy woman wearing hat sunglasses and bathing suit standing on wooden vintage wallAre you longing for your slimmer body from the past? In those days, there weren’t so many places where gravity had taken over, and you felt confident knowing you looked good.

With CoolSculpting, you can reclaim your confidence without invasive surgery or wishing for a youthful body. The CoolSculpting procedure carries few risks, unlike liposuction, which is more invasive.

What CoolSculpting is and how it works

The fat cells in the targeted area are frozen using a unique tool by our CoolSculpting technician. Cold temperatures destroy fat cells through a process known as cryolipolysis to get rid of fat in hard-to-tone areas of your body. Your body naturally eliminates fat cells by breaking them down and flushing them out.

Here are three reasons why you should consider CoolSculpting

After the FDA approved CoolSculpting in 2010, a happy public began to sing the procedure’s praises. After its approval for treating stubborn fat on other body parts, CoolSculpting began treating other areas.

The CoolSculpting procedure has been performed worldwide over seven million times.

CoolSculpting’s popularity can be attributed to three factors:

1. Sculpting with CoolSculpting is a simple, comfortable procedure

You won’t experience any downtime with CoolSculpting, and the entire process is quite comfortable. Reading, getting caught up on email, or simply enjoying the time away from an otherwise hectic schedule are some of the things patients do during a CoolSculpting session. Besides loading up your phone, iPad, or e-reader, you needn’t do anything else to prepare. Once your Lux Skin & Lasers session is over, you can return to your regular daily routine.

2. CoolSculpting doesn’t require anesthesia or leave scars

With CoolSculpting, there is no need for sedation, so you do not need to spend time recovering or undergoing monitoring. Before and after CoolSculpting, you can go about your daily activities without anesthesia. If you wish, you can return to work or your daily routine. Anesthesia is typically needed for traditional liposuction, and scarring can result.

3. Many areas of the body can be effectively treated with CoolSculpting

The CoolSculpting procedure works effectively in several body areas. These are:

  • Abs
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Buttocks
  • Chest
  • Face
  • Flanks, aka “love handles.”
  • Marionette lines
  • Thighs

Get in touch with a Coolscultping professional

When CoolSculpting can help you regain your confidence, why wait any longer? Please contact Lux Skin & Laser in our King of Prussia or Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania office for more information about CoolSculpting. Don’t hesitate to call us at 484-322-5316.

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