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  • King Of Prussia, PA
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CoolSculpting: It’s Not Just for That Muffin Top!

close up of fit waist couple as weight loss and fitness conceptOften, there is a gap between what we want to look like and what we are able to achieve. The fact is, most people are too busy to spend the time it takes to achieve their ideal body contours. Even with a healthy diet and routine exercise, the vast majority of adults in our country harbor some extra fat in areas they’d rather not. CoolSculpting is an innovative device that has been used for the past several years to address this very concern. 

You may have heard of CoolSculpting. The marketing that has been done to get this treatment some attention has been on point. Still, that’s not why people get treatment. People get treatment because they may know someone who achieved great results with CoolSculpting. They may schedule this noninvasive procedure because they’ve seen the statistics and the high success rate it offers. Ultimately, people get CoolSculpting because they know it can work for them. Here, we discuss just what this convenient treatment can do.

Muffin Top, be Gone!

The abdominal area is the most common place people think CoolSculpting can help. It can, without a doubt. Abdominal fat can be some of the most stubborn and it can get in the way of wearing the clothing a person most likes. Abdominal CoolSculpting can restore one’s confidence in bathing suits, dresses, and their favorite jeans that have started to cause fat to bunch up above the waistline. 

Thighs, Stop Thundering

The term “thunder thighs” is unsettling and not one that any person wants to use to describe their shape. Thigh fat is not uncommon, regardless of what we call it. When fatty tissue accumulates here, it may do so on the inner portion or outer portion of the upper leg, causing the appearance of saddlebags. Excessive thigh circumference can be particularly problematic because clothing may fit at the waist but not the upper legs. Excess thigh fat can also result in uncomfortable chafing. A few CoolSculpting treatments can improve the appearance and physical comfort of this area. 

Double Chin, You’re Done

As CoolSculpting technology has proven itself safe and effective, the device manufacturer has expanded the platform. Today, a number of different applicators are available. One has been made just for the upper neck, where submental fullness can create the appearance of a double chin. Here, CoolSculpting treatment can eliminate the excess fatty tissue that is obscuring more angular facial contours.

CoolSculpting is one of the most popular nonsurgical treatments today for several reasons. To schedule your consultation to learn more, contact us at 484-322-5316. Here, we can schedule a visit for you at our King of Prussia or Bryn Mawr location. 

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