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  • King Of Prussia, PA
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  • 484-322-5316

Getting Your First Fillers: Here’s What to Expect

copy of istock 161852881At Lux Skin and Lasers, we are familiar with the popularity of dermal fillers and routinely perform these injections to correct a wide variety of cosmetic concerns. Dermal fillers aren’t new to aesthetic medicine. However, every year we meet people who are new to dermal fillers. We understand from talking with new clients that there is often some sense of hesitation before agreeing to cosmetic injections. Here, we discuss how this treatment process goes from Step A to Step B. It’s pretty much as simple as that. 

Talking is the First Step in Dermal Filler Treatment

One of the aspects of dermal filler treatment that patients appreciate is that the process is convenient and streamlined. Before we administer treatment, we have to know the desired outcome. To know this, we sit and chat. A thorough consultation needn’t take a long time to get to the heart of the matter when it comes to cosmetic complaints. For example, people with frown lines or worry lines on the forehead may be better candidates for Botox than dermal fillers. Those who want to smooth creases between the nose and mouth, who wish to have fuller lips, or want to add more curvature to their cheekbones are typically great candidates for dermal fillers. Not only does our consultation enable us to determine that dermal fillers are appropriate for the concerns expressed, but also which dermal filler would best meet the patient’s needs. Once we reach this point, which takes less than half an hour, we can move straight to the fun part, treatment!

Dermal Filler Treatment

Comfort is one of the primary concerns that people have when they consider getting dermal fillers. We’ve all tended to grow up experiencing needles as painful things. Throughout childhood, an injection at the doctor’s office was never much fun. It is understandable why most people find this cosmetic treatment. One of the advantages of dermal fillers as opposed to other injectables is that they contain a mild anesthetic. This means that each injection after the first is a little less noticeable. That said, even the first injection is not painful. Dermal fillers are deposited into superficial layers of the skin, not deep near the muscle. Where the product is administered, patients typically feel only a tiny pinch from the needle that passes nearly instantly. As treatment is taking place, patients can look forward to the instant results they will get to enjoy. 

After Dermal Filler Treatment

The injection portion of treatment may take 10 minutes or less, depending on the number of areas addressed. Once injections are complete, patients see beautiful new contours as anticipated from our consultation discussion. While mild swelling or bruising can occur, these side effects are generally mild enough to not be noticed. Patients can resume most normal activities immediately. 

Look your best with help from our experienced team. Contact us today at 484-322-5316 to schedule a visit at our King of Prussia or Bryn  Mawr location.  

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