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Have You Decided It’s Time for Injectables? Here are Some Tips to Help Maximize Your Experience!

copy of happy love picture id906020234 1Not long ago, there was little talk about how to manage the signs of aging beyond one of two options: plastic surgery or over-the-counter creams. Today, we have a plethora of choices in addressing not only the signs of aging but also natural facial deficiencies that affect appearance. In our offices in King of Prussia and Bryn Mawr, injectables are a common go-to. We understand why. Injectables like Botox and dermal fillers have been proven a million times over to work safety and effectively. Treatment is quick and provides fast results. If you’re thinking that you’re ready to hop on the injectable bandwagon, we’ve got some tips to maximize your experience. 


  • Get injectables of any kind from a trained professional. Before committing to treatment, ask questions about training and experience. There is nothing rude about asking a provider how many injections they perform in an average month, or how many years they have been performing injectable treatments. Ultimately, you may choose to pay slightly more for a provider who has more experience and gives you a sense of confidence that you will get the results you expect. 
  • Talk about pain management. Many people who are getting injectables for the first time are pretty intimidated by the prospect of pain. We can tell you that injectables don’t hurt (they don’t) but you can only discern this for yourself. And until that first injection, you may feel a bit of anxiety. So talk to us! We have strategies that can help. Your provider may suggest icing the area first or they may apply a topical anesthetic. Either way, your comfort is important. 
  • Hydrate! This is especially relevant for patients getting hyaluronic acid dermal filler injections like Juvederm. Hyaluronic acid relies on the presence of water molecules to plump the skin. If the skin is dehydrated, results may not be as good as they could be. 


  • Agree to treatment without full confidence in your provider. It is often possible to have injectables during the same visit as your consultation. If you aren’t fully confident that you are ready and have selected the best provider, reschedule. 
  • Drink alcohol. Bruising is one of the few associated risks of injectable treatments. Anything that thins the blood, including that glass of wine the night before your appointment or the aspirin you take for a headache, can increase the chances of bruising. Though not a major concern, bruising is something most patients want to avoid. 
  • Exercise after treatment. An increase in heart rate can worsen otherwise mild side effects like swelling and redness. We suggest taking your treatment day off from the gym and other strenuous activities. While we’re at it, we should also suggest refraining from facial treatments of any kind. Massage or pressure on the face can displace dermal fillers and affect the cosmetic outcome of injections. 

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