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  • King Of Prussia, PA
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CoolTone Questions Answered!

istock 94233015 largeWe are excited to be a premier body-sculpting spa serving adults in Bryn Mawr who want to look better and feel better. One way we do this is with CoolSculpting fat reduction treatment. Another way is by helping our clients sculpt their bodies via CoolTone. Like CoolSculpting, this treatment device works noninvasively and without discomfort or downtime. Here, we answer some of the commonly asked questions we get about CoolTone.

How does CoolTone differ from CoolSculpting?

The CoolTone device stimulates muscle contractions. The CoolSculpting device stimulates cryolipolysis, the destruction of fat cells through freezing temperatures. The CoolTone applicator delivers electromagnetic technology, which stimulates supramaximal contractions to sculpt abs, tone legs, and tighten the buttocks. The electromagnetic waves bypass the layer of subcutaneous fat that obscures a more sculpted physique. The contractions that occur during treatment add up to many more contractions one could do during even the most strenuous workout.

Is CoolTone safe?

CoolTone is a safe and effective treatment that was vetted through clinical trials before gaining FDA-clearance. The FDA cleared CoolTone for firming, toning, and strengthening the abdomen, thighs, or buttocks.

Are multiple treatment sessions necessary?

Like CoolSculpting, CoolTone may require a series of sessions to achieve the desired amount of muscle-tightening. Many people schedule four sessions to achieve optimal muscle-toning. Once the desired amount of sculpting has been achieved, results can be maintained with healthy lifestyle habits and CoolTone touch-ups a few times a year.

Are CoolTone treatments painful?

CoolTone stimulates deep muscle contractions using electromagnetic energy. Sensations of warmth are common during the first few minutes of each session. The muscle contractions, because they are in deep layers of tissue, may feel odd more than they feel uncomfortable. After the treatment, one may feel as though they did a tough workout due to muscle soreness. The treatment area may also feel crampy or tingly for a short time and may look red or swollen.

When will I see results?

Results from CoolTone treatment vary from person to person. According to clinical studies, people who undergo this noninvasive procedure can increase muscle mass by up to 16% within two months of their treatment cycle. As a secondary effect, CoolTone can also achieve subtle fat-reduction that also becomes apparent after a few months.

CoolTone is not a replacement for exercise, but it can be a wonderful complement to a healthy lifestyle. For more information or to schedule your consultation in one of our Bryn Mawr offices, call 484-322-5316.

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