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  • King Of Prussia, PA
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Here’s What You Want to Know about Laser Hair Removal

istock 169952107 1As we see more and more freedom to return to our usual activities, many of us are looking at ways we may have slacked off in the past year. With the weather warming up at the same time as we’re re-emerging from our socially-distanced lives, we’re getting more requests for laser hair removal.

Here, we discuss what you want to know about this process if you’re considering it for yourself.

Why People Choose Laser Hair Removal

It’s safe to say that nearly every adult has some amount of hair in a place they’d rather not. The most common method of dealing with unwanted hair is to shave it. Laser hair removal offers a new experience that is:

  • You may have heard that it takes several sessions to get lasting results from laser hair removal. This is true. More on that in a moment. While it does take time to complete the process, the results of treatment begin to occur within a week or two. Days after your first session, you may notice that you start to “shed” ultra-fine hairs from the treatment area. From that point on, hair grows back thinner and lighter with each session.
  • Shaving works by tugging and cutting hair as it grows past the skin. Laser hair removal reaches into the follicles to destroy hair before it reaches the skin. The laser applicator targets hundreds of follicles at a time, resulting in uniform hair reduction.
  • The effectiveness of laser hair removal reduces the unwanted side effects of getting rid of unwanted hair. What a vicious cycle it is to shave hair for smoother skin only to develop bumps, rash, or ingrown hairs! Because laser light vaporizes hair and damages the hair follicle to reduce further growth, there are no bumps or ingrown hairs that follow.
  • Some areas of the body are difficult to shave. Some are quite uncomfortable to wax. Laser hair removal works on just about any part of the body and it achieves lasting results with only periodic touchups.

Who Gets Laser Hair Removal?

It was once believed that laser hair removal was only good for people who had light skin and dark hair. The original technologies used for this cosmetic treatment made that so. Today, we’ve got more sophisticated lasers that are suitable for a wider range of complexions. Because this process works by targeting pigment (color) in hair, results may be achieved more quickly on skin that is lighter with darker, coarser hair. That said, adults with red or blonde hair and those with medium skin tones may also achieve great results from treatment. It may take longer to achieve the desired outcome but it is possible in most cases.

We proudly serve Bryn Mawr and King of Prussia, PA. To schedule a visit to discuss laser hair removal, call 484-322-5316.

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