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  • King Of Prussia, PA
    Bryn Mawr, PA
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  • 484-322-5316

Medical Spa Reviews from Our Clients

Philadelphia & Bryn Mawr

Dr. Lee is an expert at Botox and fillers. I have the best results over any other practitioner. The products used are of course, the best quality but his skill and application make all the difference. I am thrilled with the way I look and how Dr. Lee keeps me looking naturally youthful.

– Rose Ann Belluso

I found Dr. Lee on the internet and researched his credentials before traveling from New Jersey (over an hour each way) to see him. I have been to so called “top” plastic surgeons in NJ for injections but felt that the result of my botox was less then optimal. I always felt my brows were low and wanted to see if Dr. Lee could do something about correcting this whether with surgery or injections. To me, money and traveling is never an issue for my face. I wanted to find someone who I could trust and could stay with long term. I really appreciated the thorough education by both Dr. Lee and his staff regarding my anatomy.Dr. Lee said that I should hold off on surgery and use botox to achieve the lift I needed for my hooded brows. I loved the results. I still had movement while my forehead was smooth but the best part is that my brows are lifted and I look more awake. Another procedure that Dr. Lee performed that I didn’t even know could be done was to eliminate the sunken hollowness under my eyes. He put fillers there and the deep depression under my eyes was gone. It did not hurt and there was absolutely no bruising. I left the office to my surprise without anyone being able to tell I had anything done. I have referred friends who have had eyelids and brow surgeries and also injections- like me all thrilled with their results and travel long distance to see him ongoing.

- Ronda C., Sewell, NJ

I recently began a series of skin care treatments and couldn’t be happier with the outstanding results! I owe the significant improvements in my skin to Dr. Lee and his talented staff. They always answer my questions thoroughly and explain all treatment options. Definitely rejuvenating, revitalizing, and uplifting! I highly recommend Dr. Lee.

- Veronica G

I’ve been to a total of three plastic surgeons prior to visiting Dr. Lee. I’ve had my lips and tear trough filled and botox. I was never completely satisfied. I’ve had some pretty severe bruising to my lips and eyes. After having all my questions answered by the wonderful office manager, Christina I made an appointment. I again had my eyes and lips filled and botox. Dr. Lee took his time with me and answered any remaining questions. I got through the entire process and didn’t bruise AT ALL!!! I was extremely happy with the results. I will never see another Doctor!!

- Amy S., Philadelphia, PA

With the social media today and pressure to look young, some people shy away from making eye contact and showing the world their inner beauty when they don’t feel they look their best. When I turned 40 this year, my eyes began to lack that outward youthful appearance due to the many years I spent baking in the sun and, sadly, I began to feel self-conscious about the fine lines I saw forming around my eye. I also had some puffiness under my eyes that no amount of expensive eye cream could remove. And, I was a busy person who did not have the time each morning to try all the latest fads. I wanted my outward appearance to reflect the inner beauty I felt inside. For me, it was time to look into cosmetic surgery options. Through research I learned that the eyes are the most delicate and scrutinized feature of the face. I gave a great deal of thought to which doctor I would choose to regain my youthful appearance and was not going to embark on my eye surgery with just any plastic surgeon. I wanted the best and I wanted a plastic surgeon who specialized in the eyes. I was lucky enough to find Dr. John Lee in Bryn Mawr, PA. As a board-certified ophthalmologist and an official American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery trained oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. John Lee has perfected his procedures that rejuvenate and enhance facial appearance around the eyes. He has done this by performing over 1,000 eye-enhancing surgeries annually! His team of nurses and staff is highly talented a pure joy to work with and I looked forward to seeing them at my post op visits. Thank you Dr. Lee for helping me ignite that spark and recharge and regenerate the inner-child within me and for giving me back my beautiful eyes and youthful appearance. I could not be happier!

- Kristin S.

Almost two years ago, my husband, who is a surgeon himself, chose to have surgery with Dr. Lee for his upper and lower lids. We’ve been very happy with the results and referred his parents, who in turn have referred their own friends. So I have known for nearly 2 years that Dr. Lee would be the one to do my lower lids, but I could not overcome my fears of surgery. Dr. Lee and his staff were very kind and patient, answering all my questions, but I was still afraid. I knew Dr. Lee to be painstakingly thorough and meticulous, and superbly skilled – really, how lucky could we be to have someone so experienced so close to home? Better than going to NY, LA or Korea, capital of eyelid surgery! But I was worried about my individual outcome, and I wondered if I was being vain to even think about getting surgery. Ten days ago I decided I wasn’t getting happier about looking tired and older than my age, and went under Dr. Lee’s careful knife. My recovery has been short of amazing and I am glad of my decision!

- Tessi L. Bryn Mawr, PA

I went to Dr. Lee for filler & Botox, under the recommendation of my mother who had eye lift surgery by him (with beautiful results!).I can’t be more thrilled with the way it came out. I’ve previously had filler done by 3 other reputable doctors in the area and was never satisfied with how I looked after. However, Dr. Lee, using only half the amount of product that my last PS had used on me, gave me incredible results. The depressions in my nasolabial folds are gone & my laugh lines / jowls diminished. I also had “non-surgical rhinoplasty” for the 1st time, where filler is placed in the bridge of the nose to camouflage the hump and it came out great- my nose is much straighter and less bumpy. The Botox looks wonderful as well, getting rid of the “angry look” and lifting my brow to help me get the dramatic arches I wanted. Additionally, the experience was much less painful than I was used to, and I also had no bruising or swelling at all afterward. Dr. Lee thoroughly listened to my concerns, provided a pleasant experience and gave me the best results I’ve ever had. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking filler or Botox.

- Jennifer Z., Philadelphia, PA

Words cannot express my gratitude for all that Dr. Lee has done for my daughter. She had gotten the Asian double eyelid surgery, and she cannot be happier with the results. Because we live out of state, we had lots of questions about travel and how to get to his office in Philadelphia, but the staff was extremely helpful in giving lots of advice and information so our trip over there was a breeze. When we finally did meet Dr. Lee, he was beyond patient and kind as he discussed the procedure with my daughter and I. His experience with eyelid procedures definitely shines through with the very natural looking result she has now. She felt absolutely no pain while recovering and she has told me that she feels extremely thankful that she had chosen Dr. Lee to do the surgery. Thank you for being an Amazing Doctor!

- Jennifer, Chapel Hill, NC

I am thrilled to have found Dr. Lee!! I’ve been wanting to remove that extra fat from my upper eyelids for years but just was very hesitant considering it dealt with my eyes. After discovering that Dr. Lee was not only a facial plastic surgeon but also and importantly an Oculoplastic surgeon and an Ophthalmologist, I knew I found the perfect doctor for me! On the day of my surgery, I couldn’t ask for more kindness and patience considering that I have anxiety! The nurses and Dr. Lee were simply wonderful! His office is extremely pleasant and warm and in thirty minutes I was done:). It’s been two weeks and I feel and look great! Without a doubt, I would highly recommend Dr. Lee!!

- Linda, Mt. Laurel, NJ

Dr Lee does great cosmetic work with botox and fillers. I am very satisfied how everything turned out. I went to him originally for botox and then decided at a later time to try some filler around my mouth area. He did a great job and I look like me only way better.

- Debra, Scranton, PA

I have such a beautiful pair of eyelids now! Feeling great about myself and my appearance has changed a lot. My experience with Dr. Lee changed how I look at myself. I’m no longer the tired looking girl with dark baggy eyes, but a girl ready to look her best for her upcoming wedding day. Thank you so much Dr. Lee!! and Christina!! You did an unforgettable and great job.

- Pinar & Dahi A., New York City, NY (now residing in Istanbul, Turkey)

My wife and I would like to thank you Dr. Lee for the wonderful surgery you performed on my eyes. It was not easy to operate on me as I needed three procedures. One lower eyelid was rolling into my eye and the eyelashes were irritating my eye so bad it was red and scratchy all the time. You corrected the problem. I did not have any discoloration or swelling. I had bags under the eyes so bad we called them suit cases. I also had drooping eyelids on both eyes. Again due to no swelling or discoloration I was back to work in less then a week. Best of all I look twenty years younger, now I need to push all the ladies away from me. Again, Dr. Lee I would like to thank you.

- Bob P., King of Prussia, PA

I just wanted to again thank you personally for the wonderful job you did on my eyes and brow surgery. Just Monday a friend told me how wonderful I looked, that I looked 10 years younger. Thank you again! I wonder what I can do to express my gratitude further?

- Cheryl D., Scranton, PA

Dear Dr. Lee, you have extended many kindness toward me throughout the past few weeks, and I truly appreciate all you have done. People expect someone in your profession to be the best at what he does. Just because you are doesn’t mean you don’t deserve your patients to recognize your talent, work ethic and respect which is part of who you are. May you yourself experience much goodness in your life.

- Mary D., Clarks Summit, PA

Wishing you Christs’ peace always. I am so very grateful for your surgical skill and artistry-I am amazed and so happy. Thank you!

- Theresa B., Honesdale, PA

Thank you for the beautiful work you did in removing a very large cyst from our daughter’s eyelids. It’s almost impossible to tell any surgery was done. We’re very grateful for your surgical skill and also your understanding of our daughter’s anxiety and your kindness to her. Best wishes to you in all you do.

- Dr. Gary & Pat R., Bryn Mawr, PA

It means a lot to have a doctor show is as gifted and as caring as you are Dr. Lee. Hope you know how much you’re appreciated. On behalf of the family of Dorothy L., thank you so much for the exceptional care and kindness you had shown during her recent eye surgery on April 9th. We truly appreciate your compassion.

- Pat & Rebecca L., Philadelphia, PA

First~I want to commend you on the wonderful surgery you did on both my eyelids. They healed up nicely. You are such a wonderful doctor and a great person. We are all so lucky to have you in our area. Take care and God bless. Love ya!

- Jeanne W., Scranton, PA

For my entire life, I was told by friends, family and even complete strangers about my beautiful eyes. But in the past few years, the compliments became increasingly few and far between. Dr. Lee brought these daily compliments back with a vengeance after only 1 week post surgery. He is a master at bringing back the youth to one’s face. I am at awe with his skill, his calm and easy going demeanor. If you hesitate at all before going to see Dr. Lee, you are losing valuable time without your fresh-faced youthful “you”.

- Jacqueline S., Boca Raton, FL

When I wanted to have plastic surgery on my eyelids, I wanted a doctor who had a lot of experience with eyelids. I have seen some terrible results and did not want to take any chances. I went to Dr. Lee because I had other friends who were thrilled with their results. I’m extremely happy with the results. A lot of my friends have gone to him after my surgery. No one can tell I had eyelid surgery because the result is so natural. I look a lot more alive and I think that my eyes look beautiful. His attention to detail is evident in his meticulous stitching. It’s difficult to find any scar on my lids! My friends who are in the medical profession told me his suturing technique was the best they had seen. I highly recommend this doctor. He is very honest and will not push any surgery you do not need.

- Yong K., Garnet Valley, PA

Dr Lee is an amazing Doctor I trust him 100% and listen to all his suggestions. He is not only a skilled surgeon but an artist as well. At 47 years old he has helped me to look 37, maybe younger. I have had Botox and Dysport for my forehead and crows area, Restylane and Juvederm filler for under my eyes and lips with Dr. Lee. He makes me look less tired and helps me regain the smooth and refreshed look that keeps me looking 10 year younger. I would never trust my face to anyone else. I have referred over a dozen friends & family members to Dr. Lee and everyone has thanked me for doing so. Your most loyal patient, Tammy!

- Tammy G., Bala Cynwyd, PA

I have gone to Dr. Lee several times now for BOTOX Cosmetic and I have also tried the Dysport. My results are always very natural looking as Dr. Lee knows how to place the injections for maximum results without a “frozen” look. Everyone notices that I look fresher but no one can tell it is from the injections unless I tell them! I have recommended Dr. Lee to many of my friends and family and will continue to do so.

- Marilee W., Narbeth, PA

I was extremely pleased with the Botox injections that I received from Dr. Lee. I have had botox in the past and was never satisfied with the results. Since my brows are asymmetric to begin with , it seemed to be difficult to get an even result. The Botox injections that Dr Lee has given me not only evened my brows, but also looks great. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lee to other patients who are interested in receiving Botox injections.

- Stephanie L., Sewell, NJ

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